Dla „Art Magu” wydawanego przez Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle w Berlinie piszę o Izie Tarasewicz, zwyciężczyni tegorocznej edycji polskiego konkursu Deutsche Banku „Spojrzenia”: „Physics, God, and Nothingness” – ArtMag

„After graduation from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznań, Tarasewicz returned to where she grew up, the Podlaskie region in eastern Poland. She lives and works in the small village of Kolonia Koplany, a few kilometers from Białystok, the region’s capital. “What was necessity at first,” she admits, “turned out very helpful and inspiring. I like to work somewhere on the sidelines.” For generations, her family used to run a farm here. And it is always Kolonia Koplany she comes back to from her many travels. Tarasewicz works close to nature, plant cultivation and husbandry, the rhythms of sowing and reaping, an incessant macro-metabolism.

Her studio, however, calls to mind a laboratory or even an alchemist’s hideout. It’s wallpapered with scientific diagrams and formulas. She examines how different materials behave, as if she were looking for the philosopher’s stone. Whereas her installations are conceived as cute miniature models. Tarasewicz’s latest exhibitions orbit around the ideas of chance encounters. She develops modules and display systems that serve as the vocabulary and grammar of her visual language.”